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Norfolk Junior High

By Annika Thomas

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The Social Media Buzz

Instagram, a popular social networking app, is a new way to share your life using pictures. Instagram is a free app available on iOS, Android, and Windows. The app allows you to take photos within the app and share photos that are on your device by tapping the blue camera icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Although you can access Instagram on a computer, you cannot upload pictures on the website. The nice thing about Instagram is that you can choose who you want to follow and who follows you (Your profile can be public by switching off private in Settings). When the people you choose to follow post a photo, the picture will show up on your feed. You access your feed by selecting the house icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You are allowed to comment, like, and tag people in or on a post.

The Paranormal And Everything In Between

Perhaps you aren’t one of those people who sit on the couch and watch horror movies or scary television shows. Perhaps you’re a skeptic of the paranormal. Occultism is known to be the beliefs or practices involving unseen forces or the “paranormal.” Occultism is a term that dates back centuries ago, but occultism isn’t exactly what we people recognize it as today. Today scientists say occultism has revolved into what people call telepathy and extrasensory perception (ESP), which is believed to allow investigators to talk and communicate with the dead. True believers who have had experiences often believe there is no explanation for what has happened and that it is truly an entity that has indeed intelligence.

Occultism is practiced by what is commonly seen today as ghost hunting. Television shows like, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, have formed to gather evidence and prove that the evidence is paranormal. Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. It often takes years for ghost hunters to build their credibility.

Ghost hunters often use various equipment especially professionals in the field. An EMF detector can be used to detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field. High enough spikes can represent or indicate possible entities. Ghosts are believed to interfere with the electromagnetic field and often get their energy from it. Full spectrum cameras and infrared cameras are used in investigations to capture visual evidence. These cameras are special because of their ability to illuminate the cameras field vision without humans being able to see it. An EVP or an electronic voice phenomena are achieved by using an audio recorder. These capture any sounds that intelligent spirits might make including speech. Advanced equipment like a spirit box and thermal imaging cameras are used as well to provide even more evidence.

Some known haunted residents include the Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa. It's history include the murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their four children and two other young girls on June 10, 1912. The murderer was never identified. Residents of the house have reported visions of a man with an ax, children crying, and other unexplained paranormal activity. In 1994, owners of the house restored it to its original state with no indoor plumbing or electricity. Overnight stays are allowed through April and November.

Another paranormal sight is the Moundsville Penitentiary. The penitentiary was in business for one hundred years in West Virginia. It was one of the most violent penitentiaries in America. It housed over one thousand criminals and was their last resort. Prisoners were held in cramped quarters. Many prisoners were hung, put in electric chairs, or killed by other prisoners. Although the prison closed in 1995, spirits of the prisoners are said to still be trapped behind bars.

Record Breaking Gone Wrong

On April 24, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona at the Memorial Track for the Arizona State Track and Field Meet, Jack Jones, age 15, attempted to break the Arizona State Record for high jump when there was a domino effect of misfortunate events leading to, thankfully, only a burnt toe. The rod Jack jumped over to try to break the record was a wax replacement rod that was never replaced to the original plastic. The wax replacement was put there in 2013, and it went unnoticed until April 24, 2015. Jack jumped over the low series without any signs or issues of a bad rod. While Jack Jones was in mid-air attempting the state record, the rod came plunging down. The extreme heat of the day had melted the wax replacement rod. The 15-year-old landed on top of the scorching wax rod, but only suffered a minor burnt toe and is expected to make a full recovery. Although Jack was nimble and quick, he didn’t quite break the record, but he received first place proudly.

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Remember Me

Description- Remember Me is a story about forgiving others before it’s too late. The story is set in New York City about Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) and the sergeant’s daughter. In a plot to get back at the sergeant himself for arresting the wrong suspects, Tyler meets Alyssa Craig (Emilie de Ravin), the sergeant’s daughter, who understands Tyler and his troubling worries. Tyler, an undecided college student, is still struggling to work through his parents’ divorce after his brother’s suicide. Tyler’s roommate, Aidan, first suggests that Tyler meets Ally. Tyler gets to know Ally and her startling past, but soon starts to fall in love. Ally still doesn't know of the encounter Tyler has had with Sergeant Craig. Still, the two soon fall in love, and just as soon as everything is going right things go wrong. This 2010 film is filled with realistic drama and the hardships of loss with lots of twists and turns. Forgiveness is sometimes the only key to happiness.


Annika Thomas was a student in the Norfolk Public School District in Norfolk, Nebraska. She graduated from the Norfolk Senior High in 2020 with honors. Annika loved participating in softball, orchestra, band, and drama while in high school. In high school, she worked at Hobby Lobby and enjoyed it very much because art and crafting was a hobby of hers. After graduating high school, Annika attended college at the University of California-Los Angeles. She majored in Psychology and Philosophy. She became a psychologist in private practice. As of now, her private offices have expanded and more psychologists have joined her, including top-of-the-line psychiatrists. At the age of 40, Annika has aged nicely. She's very fit and slim. After graduating college, Annika was wed and had three boys. She still resides in Los Angeles, California. She now uses patients as her inspiration to write books. She continues to study psychology. Annika loves writing, drawing, and painting. When she retires, she plans to continue writing while traveling the world to places like Jamaica, Virgin Islands, and Hawaiian Islands.