Vietnam War Timeline

by Kennedy Dukes and Ashlyn Moraine

Cold War (1947-1989)

U.S. Vs. U.S.S.R. - not an actual war.

Pentagon Papers (1945-1967)

Name given to secret department of defense study.

Domino Theory (1950-1980)

If one country becomes communist, all will.

Containment (1947)

Preventing the spread of communism.


Collecting people for army.

General William Westmoreland

A general in the war whose first name is William.

Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)

Controls northern Vietnam.

My Lai Massacre (March 16 1968)

A massacre that occurred in March of 1968.

National Liberation Front (December 20,1960)

A national liberation occurred on the front on December of 1960.

Ngo Dinh Diem (1955-1963)

If you say his name too fast, it could sound innapropriate - be careful.

Tet Offense (January 30, 1968)

The offense of Tet's. Watch out.

Viet Cong (December 29,1960)

Vietnamee version of King Kong. Popular among all ages.


Becoming more Vietnamese.