Instructional Decisions with iReady

Using reports from iReady diagnostic to further instruction.

Useful Reports in iReady

1. Class Profile Report

This report shows overall how the entire class performed on the Diagnostic. You can see how each student performed in each domain and even click on a student to drill down even further.
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Individual Student Information

In the class profile report you can click on individual students to drill down even further about what each student needs. There are also linked resources for students to used based on the results of the diagnostic assessment.

2. Instructional Group Report

This report automatically groups students in to profiles based on their results of the diagnostic. Click on a profile to see more information about how to help that group.
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Intervention Screener

School leaders can look at this report to see how our students tested and where they fall in the different performance tiers for RTI. This allows admin to see an overall picture of the school on the diagnostic assessment. Using this report along with Easy CBM data gives us a better idea of how each grade level is performing in Math.
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After 2nd Diagnostic Test

After taking the 2nd Diagnostic Test teachers will want to look at the Student Growth Report along with the expected scale growth charts to see if students are moving closer to the growth goal for the year.

Click Here for Expected Scale Score Growth Chart

Extra Resources