Alief News Update

The Newcomers

The Driving Question

A new student joins our classroom that has immigrated from another country. What support and resources would you provide to help assist him/her become familiar with our area?

Reasons People Move

Humans are always moving. When they move from one place to another , it is called migration. Many people come to Alief, which is a community within the greater Houston area. People move to Alief for a multitude of reasons which include, but are not limited to the following: employment opportunities, improved living conditions, educational needs, and access to family health care.

Examples of Migration


"The friendliest, most diverse community in Houston"
Alief--SUPER Neighborhood!

A brief overview of Alief a neighborhood located in Southwest Houston.

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Alief statistics over time.

Assistance Provided at School

Students can get assistance from the teacher, counselor, nurse, and diagnostician. There is also a parent center on each campus which offers GED, ESL, interpreters, and financial assistance/guidance.
Alief Independent School District

Preparing students for tomorrow--caring for them today.

Housing Available

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Housing Assistance Programs

The Alief area offers a variety of housing assistance and other various programs to families.

Family Services offered in Alief

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Alief Community Center

Alief offers many activites at no cost.

Alief YMCA

The Alief YMCA has before and after school childcare.

Research Tools

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