help stop littering

by: kaiya

Litter is a problem that is effecting our environment around the world litter is being constantly throw on the ground every day.

At Fps litter is a problem because of litter being carelessly thrown across the ground. In our school multiple pieces of rubbish being thrown by students which encourages other people to litter.

Australia is listed as one of the top countries that litter the most. Over 100,000 sea and land animals die or are injured form plastic related incidents every year. After the animal eat the litter it can die by starvation , choking and strangulation. littering also effects or community and environment. we can see the difference but the animals don't .

when you litter it gets washed down the drain and goes into the ocean which creates a garbage patch. A garbage patch is a pile of rubbish that is at the bottom of the ocean. you can find some in the western area, North pacific and Eastern California.

The average Australian house has $1,036 worth of food that is thrown away every year. the average Australian house also produces enough to fill a three bed room house.

A devastating event occurred when people found a pelican that had died of starvation because he ate 17 plastic bag which were found in his stomach. Sadly one day people found a dying brides whale. Depressingly after a while the whale died from eating a 6m2 of plastic which were also found in its stomach.

Rubbish is constantly being carelessly thrown on the ground which encourages other people to litter and it make them think its acceptable. We are the problem we are the problem we are solution put your rubbish in the bin!!. when you litter it washes down into the drain goes into the ocean and makes a garbage patch. help stop littering!!!!.