2014 Biathlon Olympics

Lanny Barnes, Biathlete

What Is The Biathlon?

The Biathlon is separated into two very different sports. First is cross-country skiing and the second is rifle marksmanship. For the first part of the Biathlon, the biathletes use equipment similar to the gear skiers use, except the skis they use are shorter, stiffer, only attach to the toe, and are lighter & more flexible the traditional down-hill skis. Also, they do more of a freestyle type of skiing. In addition, biathletes also apply a special type of glide wax to the skis they use. The biathletes go down hill to the location of the range, they carry a special harness that is used to carry the .22 caliber high powered rifle, that is the tool for the range. During the range part the biathletes have to use bullets that are made of lead or a lead alloy. They are loaded into a magazine that holds five rounds, for the relay part they have 3 extra rounds. The rifle is only loaded at the range, when it is time to fire biathletes use a webbing that then hooks on the firing cuff to provide stability. The targets are made from metal discs, when they hit the targets a different colored disc flips up to the hit & computers are used to record modern targets to see if it is a hit or miss.


A brief preview of how biathletes train and compete in the biathlon.
Winter Olympics 2014 Preview: Biathlon Training | Sochi Olympics


Feb. 13 - Men's Individual ( Completed ) ** Martin Fourcade

Feb. 14 - Women's Individual ( Completed ) ** Darya Domracheva

Feb. 17 - Women's Mass Start ( Completed ) ** Darya Domracheva

Feb. 18 - Men's Mass Start ( Completed ) ** Emil Hegle Svendsen

Feb. 19 - Mixed Relay @ 8:30 a.m.

Feb. 21 - Women's Relay @ 8:30 a.m.

Feb. 22 - Men's Relay @ 8:30 a.m.

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The Life of Barnes

'She Shocked Me' Twin Whose Sister up Olympic Spot for Her

What Happened?

Lanny Barnes speaking on how and what happened when her twin sister gave her spot so she can go to the Olympics.