Come To ø Saturn ø

By: Cole C.

Places and Events

Saturn includes many different places such as, the Ring Hotel. The Ring Hotel includes many different places inside of it like de' vagon, the best space Italian restaurant Also one of the best sites to visit is the rings, where you can skate, or keep a small bit for yourself. We offer a space float, which is where you and group of friends will be put into a glass sphere with food and water and enough oxygen for a 1 day gravitational float around Saturn.

Must See SItes

When you come to Saturn there are many must see features.. One of the most known is the rings. Saturn owns most of the rings in the whole solar system. Also after you get past the atmosphere of Saturn you can float around like a bubble I'm Saturn.


Saturn offers many different activities, such as the rings. The outer most rings are for skating and enjoying yourself. The innermost though are for personal fun (pictures, and the best place to get engaged)! We offer rock climbing, ski diving, and bungee jumping into the rocky formations! If you just want to relax, you can retire to the Hawian Falls, the biggest in the solar system!

What you Wear

While indoors, or at the water park you will not have to where your space suit due to the enclosed of the outside, but while outside of these places you will have to where a space suit. This space suit is like any other except for the fact that there is a plant in the back that turns the carbon dioxide you release into the oxygen we breath.
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How to Get Here

It is simple, all you have to do is to buy your ticket on one of are hundreds of shuttles and then wait until you arrive. It will take about 29759 days, but it is till worth it, Saturn is the place you will ever experience

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Just More Information

Distance from Saturn to Earth: 1.2 billion km

Distance from Saturn to Sun: 1.4 billion km

Gasses and Characteristics of the Atmosphere: 75% hydrogen 25% Helium

Average Temperature in Celsius: 150 C

Any Special Weather Conditions: About a foot of snow in the winter and none in the rest of the year

Any Physical Features: The rings and the rocky formations

How long a year is: 10832 earth days

How long a day is: 10 to 11 earth days

How many moons: 60 moons

Gravitational pull compared to Earth's: only 90% of the earths (you could jump 10 % higher)!