Health concerns Middle Childhood

Dyeka Wilson


  • Children's hearing is well developed
  • Ear infections can become a problem
  • Untreated, can cause permanent hearing loss
  • Hearing loss decreased due to structural changes
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  • Farsighted, can't see objects from afar
  • Nearsighted, able to see objects that are close
  • 25% have their eyes corrected by end of school year
  • With corrective lenses, nearsightedness can be overcome, 7-4
  • Reading and close-up work can cause nearsightedness
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  • Tooth loss can become a problem
  • Become self-conscious
  • Calling for attention to change appearance uncomfortably
  • Tooth decay is common for school-age
  • Poor dental hygiene most reasonable for cavities
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  • Characterized by excessive body fat
  • Being obese can cause emotional health problems
  • Obese children are teased and ridiculed by peers
  • Small group of friends because of their weight
  • Last to be picked for group projects or a team
  • Lacks self-esteem in themselves
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