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Week of February 15th, 2016

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First Week of LENT

Lent is the most important time of the year to nurture our inner and spiritual life. It is the time during which we not only prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also the death and resurrection that constantly takes place within us. Life is a continuing process of the death of the old and the familiar, and being reborn again into a new hope, a new trust, and a new love. The death and resurrection of Jesus therefore is not just an historical event that took place a long time ago, but an inner event that takes place in our heart when we are willing to be attentive to it. Lent offers a beautiful opportunity to discover the mystery of Christ within us. It is a gentle but also demanding time. It is a time of solitude but also community, it is a time of listening to the voice within, but also a time of paying attention to other people's needs. It is a time to continuously make the passage to new inner life as well as to life with those around us. When we live Lent attentively and gently, then Easter can truly be a celebration during which the full proclamation of the risen Christ will reverberate into the deepest place of our being.

-- Henri Nouwen

Chiến Dịch Bó Hoa Thiêng 2016 - “40 Ngày Chay Thánh”

Phong Trào collects Spiritual Flowers from its members. Please contribute your Spiritual Flowers at VEYM Treasure Book. Recognition Awards will be given at DHVDH to Chapters that participate and contribute Spiritual Flowers to VEYM Treasure Book.

Please follow the hyperlinks to read Thư Thông Báo Chiến Dịch Bó Hoa Thiêng by our Assistant Chaplain of Administrative, Fr. Dominic Nguyễn Trọng Hiếu, SVD and to download the Sổ tay Chiến Dịch Bó Hoa Thiêng - 40 Ngày Chay Thánh (40 Days of Lent Booklet)

Your Chapter can do your own version of the Spiritual Boutique to tailor to your local church and need. Check out what Đoàn Thánh Tâm – Arlington, VA – Miền Trung Đông is doing for their first week of Lent. Thank you for your dedication to our youths.
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2015-2016 Annual Membership Dues on February 29th

All Chapters, please submit your membership dues 2015-2016 to your Regional Officers.

All Regions, please have the check, make payable to VIETNAMESE EUCHARISTIC YOUTH MOVEMENT (VEYM) and send to

Văn Phòng TNTT

7711 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Proposed New Annual Membership Fee of $15 per VEYM Member


  1. Implement an annual membership fee of $15 per VEYM member by the end of February 28th of each year, starting in February of 2017. $10 would go to the National Headquarters, $3 to Region and $2 to League of Chapters or $5 to the regions with no League of Chapters.
  2. Have the necessary funds to contribute to overall operations of the VEYM Database, Administrative Matters and Online Programs.
  3. Continue to support financially the development of a national database registration, which improves evidence-based care and satisfies the growing regulatory demand for quantifiable effectiveness of VEYM programs.
  4. Develop Online Training programs and other spiritual programs.
  5. Develop materials and spiritual programs for youth.

Read more about the Proposed New Membership Guidelines


Press this button to access VỀ ĐẤT HỨA Website.

VDH Promo 2

Looking for more reasons to register for VĐH6?

Thank you Tr. Vũ Duy Hải Henry from Đoàn Thăng Thiên – Westminster, CA – Miền Tây Nam for your promotional video submission!! Inspired yet?

Update from Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa 6

  1. Our Promotional Video Contest has ended. Thanks all Chapters and all Youth Leaders for submitting your videos. Tune in for our current Convention Song Contest which will end on Mar 17th, 2016

  2. Please invite your Chaplains, Assistant Chaplains, Priests and Religious Brothers and Sisters this convention. There will be special sessions for them.

  3. Also encourage your members to share their knowledge and experience as guest speakers for the Breakout Sessions.

  4. Besides the contests, we have two fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of travelling:

  • Sponsor Packet: You will receive half of the amount of your sponsoring packet.

  • Raffle Tickets: return $2 per ticket sale by April 30th, 2016

and the Q&A from Town Hall Meeting. For more questions, please contact:

Guest Speakers at VDH6

Looking for a way to give back to Phong Trào? We are looking for guest speakers to share their faith, story or catechetical knowledge during the Breakout Session. WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!!!
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VĐH6 Convention Song Contest

One of the most important songs at #VDH6 will be the convention theme song. Write, compose, sing, and let your latent shows...YOUR SONG will live on through out VĐH6 and for years to come... SUBMIT NOW!!!

View contest rules and guidelines at before submitting your entry.

Updated Raffle Stubs Return Guideline

All raffle tickets should have arrived safe and sound to your Chapter. Let the fun begin! Happy selling and good luck!

Remember to return ticket stubs and send only $2 per ticket before the April 30 deadline!

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Fundraising for Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa VI

Click to read more about the fundraising opportunities for your Chapters, Youth-Leaders, and Chaplain Assistants: RAFFLE TICKETS and SPONSOR PACKAGE.

All donations of benefactors are tax deductible under US federal law.

Calling All Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters to VĐH6

Với các giờ riêng dành cho các Linh Mục và Tu Sĩ Nam Nữ, Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa 6 sẽ là một dịp tốt để cùng tìm hiểu về đường lối giáo dục của Phong Trào, tăng cường tài liệu hướng dẫn các em tại địa phương được hiệu quả hơn và cơ hội để cùng xả kỷ với các Huynh Trưởng qua những hoạt động lành mạnh và thánh thiêng.

Tuyên Ngôn của Hội Đồng Lãnh Đạo

In November of 2015, the National Assembly gathered, discussed and made several decisions regarding the direction of VEYM-USA. See below for those decisions:

Weekly Gospel Lessons

Press this button to view the Weekly Gospel Lessons


Mar 10th

Sa Mạc Dấn Thân 14 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Houston, TX | Contact: Tr. Đặng Ánh Tuyết, MN

Apr 8th

Sa Mạc Về Đất Hứa 20 – Arcadia, CA | Contact: Tr. Phạm Mạnh Cương, LĐRK

Apr 9th

Fundraising Dinner/Tiệc Gây Quỹ tại Miền Đông Bắc – Boston, MA

Apr 22nd

Sa Mạc Giôsuê 2 – HLHT Cấp 1 & Sa Mạc Lửa Thiêng 45 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu Nhi

Sa Mạc Trợ Tá Samaritanô 58 – Phoenix, AZ | Contact: Tr. Đào Đức Khánh

May 12th

Sa Mạc Rạng Đông 38 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Conyers, GA – Miền Đông Nam

Sa Mạc Đuốc Hồng 9 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Hiệp Sĩ – Conyers, GA – Miền Đông Nam

Jun 1st

Sa Mạc Tiberia 8 – Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng Cấp III – Goshen, MA

Jun 9th

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 56 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Denver, CO | Contact: Tr. Đinh Kim Nguyệt, MTY

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 57 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu Nhi – Denver, CO

Jun 30th

Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa 6 – Coming to the Promised Land VI

July 14th

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 54 – HLHT Cấp 1 – King City, CA | Contact: Tr. Đinh Kim Nguyệt, MTY

Sa Mạc Xuất Hành 55 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu Nhi – King City, CA

July 21st

Sa Mạc Dấn Thân 17 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Epworth, IA

Sa Mạc Tin Yêu 14 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Hiệp Sĩ – Epworth, IA | Contact: Tr. Nghiệm, MTR

Jul 22nd

Lửa Thiêng 46 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Thiếu Nhi – San Diego, CA | Contact: Tr. Đào Đức Khánh, MTN

Aug 18th

Sa Mạc Damas 17 – HLHT Cấp 1 – Delevan, NY

Sa Mạc Damas 18 – HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu Nhi – Delevan, NY | Contact: Tr. Trần Sam, MĐB

Sep 1st

Sa Mạc Tiberia 9 – Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng Cấp III – Miền Nam

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