By:Devon Beed

Greek Mythology: Chimera

I choose this monstrous beast the Chimera because of the interesting lion body and the snake tail.


The chimera has no Roman name but I do have 10 amazing facts to tell you.

1. The Chimera is mixed with a human and a beast.

2. The word Chimera name came from the Greek word "She-goat"

3. Most legends state that the Chimera lived in the region of Lycia (Now Turkey)

4. The Chimera was often accredited with birthing the Sphinx.

5. The Chimera has a lioness head , and a goat's head on the body.

6. Chimera came from Homer in Iliad and other named Herod.

7. The Chimera has a brother named Cerberus known as "hound of underworld"

8. Instead of a mane he sometimes in other occasions flames replaces his mane.

9. Bellerophon killed the Chimera.

10. The Chimera had three heads - Lion's, Goat's, and snake's.

The name of the monster: Chimera

Known as: "She-Goat"

Mother: Echinda

Father: Typhon

Siblings: Landon,Cerberus, Sphinx

pictures of chimera and his mom and dad

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Why I chose the Chimera

I chose the Chimera because of the cool body parts like the cool snake tail.

The things that we have in common is he is very strong and I feel strong.