Soar Smore

NORFOLK JR HIGH By: Vanessa Arreguin

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Favorite App

My Singing Monster

You should play this game, because it’s fun and full of cheery music. My singing monsters is a game of music and animals and they look like nature looking animals. You can breed and make new monsters. If you go to the website, there's a thing that says you can meet the monsters in real life. In the game, you can go to other people’s worlds and see all their monsters and castles Every monster has its own voice. You can discover and build infectious tunes.You can grow and collect tons of cool creatures.You should play the game, because it’s cool and the music you make can almost be a lullaby.

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Movie Review

Finding Dory

Do you like going on adventures? Finding Dory is a story about a blue tang fish that goes on an adventure to find her family. On her journey to find her family, she meets some of her friends Marlin and Nemo, and they’re clownfish. She also runs into a white spotted whale that helps her find her family.Throughout her journey, she bumps into a couple bumps in the road, but she makes it through.

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Feature Story

babies are always happy like the sun.

They will always make Ur day better than it was.

They giggle and laugh a lot.

They will always be there to cheer you up when you're down.

Sometimes they will be cry a lot.

Because they either need a diaper change or bottle.

Babies are a big struggle especially when they cry.

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Nursery Ryhme Rubric

Come to the land were the babies grow

Like flowers in the green,green grass

Tiny babes that swing and crow

Whenever the warm winds pass

And laugh at their own bright eyes aglow

In a fairy looking glass

Come to the sea where the babies sail

In ships of shining pearl

Borne to the west by a golden gale

Of sun-beams all awhirl;

And perhaps a baby brother will sail

To you my little girl