Class News

Miss Sweeney's Kindergarten


We continued our unit on forces (pushes and pulls) with Mrs. Zahn. This time the students were able to use ramps to make objects move. They were exposed to the concepts of friction and gravity, and they quickly discovered that wheels allow for an object to slide down a ramp faster and easier.


We talked about sequencing stories this week. When we understand a story, we need to be able to list the important events of the text in order. This helps us become better readers because we are comprehending (yes, we know this word!) what we read.


Remember to keep counting objects! This is a skill that NEEDS maintaining, even if it seems to be mastered. We have been doing a great job participating in Math Work Places this week. We solve problems and work out disagreements calmly to come to a compromise.


We began a new unit in Writers Workshop this week called "Writing for Readers." In this unit, we focus on writing in a way that makes it both easy and interesting for readers. We began the unit by making "Hard to Read" and "Easy to Read" piles from the current pieces in our writing folders. The students worked in partners to determine what was hard or easy to read and then worked on strategies of how to improve their hard to read pieces.

Pajama Marble Party MONDAY!

We did it! We filled our marble jar with good behaviors. Now we get to have the class chosen reward of a pajama party! Your child may wear their pajamas to school and bring one small stuffed animal that can fit in their backpack. We are so excited to have filled the marble jar! Now the jar will be emptied and we will start again with a new reward to earn!