Improving your baby's Intelligence

By: Kendall Suits

What Mother's Should do While the Child is in the Womb

Psychological Aspects

What's going on in a mothers mind may also affect the baby's brain development

-sing and play Mozart to the baby. It will increase the likelihood of the baby’s liking Mozart later and being soothed by singing.


Maintaining a Healthy Baby

-inhaling or ingesting substances called neurotoxins, such as cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol, and illegal drugs, have all been shown to harm brain development and increase the risk of a child having learning and behavior problems later.


Maintain a Healthy Enviornment

- Do not have a negative or rough home life. It is important to maintain a happy and stress free environment. Stress on the mother puts stress on the baby.


Touch and Talk to your Baby through the Womb

- Touching your baby and talking to it through the womb also increases brain function


Watch your Weight

Proper weight gain, balanced, diet, stress reduction all help the babies brain to develop properly.


Facts about Nurturing Your Child's Creativity

-Limit the time spent on television and organized activities and have them spend it instead on claiming their imaginations.

1. Neatness is over Rated

2. Children who experience frequent limits train themselves to think inside the box

3. Focus on play and process, not productivity

4. Give your child permission to be different

5. Let toddlers experiment with manageable messes

6. Make creative art play easy