The Protest Against Banning Guns!!!

Come Help Save Guns

Join us on March 5th in Washington D.C.

Join us in a march as we stampede and raid throughout Washington D.C. and around the White House. Obama's outlook on Guns is that guns kill people. but in reality its not the guns killing people its people with guns killing people. Obama and others don't realize that's guns cant physically make there self shoot, a criminal has to shoot a gun to cause something bad. The banning of guns certainly isn't going to stop criminals from getting them or killing people. They did the same for Drugs and guess what they still get used by millions days in and out. I know I wont give up my guns. I will fight to keep the Second Amendment that our forefathers created and gave to us. It's our right to own a gun for a reason weather we use them for hunting or shooting or self defense. Obama wont win this and he can try but on the news the NRA already put him in his place on National TV.

Stop Obama from banning guns

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 at 9:30am

Washington, D.C.

We will stampede our way through the streets of D.C. to protest Against Obama and all his gun banning friends. we wont stop until we have our way so join us in the march to keep the 2nd Amendment founded by our forefathers!

Its our right to own guns!

Don't back down stand tall and keep our 2nd amendment.