The Zombie Parlor Across the Street

Devour the Flesh Event


If you love zombies then this resturant will be amazing to come to. Your infatuation with zombies will fuel us like how flesh fuels a zombie. Come before the Virus gets us


Thursday, Oct. 8th 201 at 10am to Thursday, Oct. 8th 2015 at 6:30pm

The zombie parlor Across the Street

789 South Elm Street CA, 71021

Phone number 1-ZOM-BIES

The Hoard of Zombies

You will be running from the beginning of the apocalypse.

Scavenging for Life

Scavenger hunt for things you will need for the fight. You will also need "Chemicals" (ingrediants for food) to create the cure.

Get the Cure

After you find the "cure" you will need to give it to the judges. Be warned obsticals will be in the way.