from Mrs. Starr

Hi Parents!

You'll be receiving these periodically to keep you posted on your student's experiences in the SPARK classroom. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, suggestions!

Thank you for letting me work with your students! I LOVE my job!

First Grade News

First graders have worked very hard on their Power Points covering a famous monument. They will complete those this week by recording their voice as they read each slide in the target language. These will be emailed home by Thanksgiving as each class completes their project. They've worked so hard and have done a fabulous job!

Second Grade News

Second graders have concluded a study on the three states of matter. They learned about solids, liquids and gases and conducted an experiment proving that the states of matter can be changed. We also learned about mixtures and solutions and conducted an experiment proving that the definitions the students came up with for these words were true. As we conduct experiments we are learning about the Scientific Method and filling out a form (using words such as hypothesis, conclusion, etc).

Third Grade News

Third graders spent several weeks reading a non-fiction text about severe weather. We learned how to highlight important information and then how to turn that highlighted information into notes. We then turned our notes into a Power Point presentation about a selected topic from the non-fiction passage. Your student will bring his/her Power Point presentations home on their flash drive so they can be saved. Please make sure those flash drives make it back to school.

Fourth Grade News

Fourth graders have been working on several projects over the past few weeks. One project students completed was an example of a Native American home from different regions of the United States. Another project students have worked on is a research project on famous landmarks in the United States. Students researched and created a presentation on their landmark.

Fifth Grade News

Fifth graders have been researching famous inventors. If your student participated in the exchange program, he/she may have missed this research project. We will be revisiting our famous inventors unit later in the year as we prepare for an Invention Convention! Students will be presenting their inventor research to the group during class this week. They've worked hard on this and have done a great job and learned a lot. We've focused on Fixed and Growth Mindsets over the last two years and decided to look into the inventor's mindset and how he/she may have demonstrated a Growth Mindset during their lifetime.

Important News for Parents

Please see the flyer below concerning a meeting for parents with upper elementary students.
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