Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

December 10, 2014

Winding up to Christmas

So many things to do, and so little time. Now I know how the elves feel. One silver lining is, we have one more elf on staff. Nurse Gayle Koger is back on staff. She has been over at K-Beach, but now is our Tuesday through Thursday nurse. We now have a nurse Monday through Thursday each week (Nurse Francie is here on Mondays.)

Even with all the special holiday events, our focus is still on academics. Teachers and students will be celebrating the season with end-of-semester projects and assessments. These will be included on the report cards we will be sending out January 12th. That may be too late for the naughty and nice list, but you can always call your child's teacher if Santa needs updated info. Our district level assessments, district benchmarks, will begin in January. These assessments help chart overall learning and the data is comparable to other schools in the district as they are district common assessments.

Some of the organizations in our area have contacted me for names of families that could possibly use some extra support around the holidays. I do not have a list of needs and wants for our families, so sometimes I just have to start going down my list alphabetically. You could help me by contacting the school (260-1345) and letting either myself or Mrs. Mills know you or someone you know, could use some extra help. This does not guarantee these folks will get support, but it would sure be helpful to me to have some idea of who could use a little help. I will be glad to deliver the goods if you would prefer not to have the actual names given to the organizations.

Merry Christmas to all...

Doug Hayman

Polar Express Night - Pajama Party

Our Kasilof Public Library and Kasilof Boys and Girls Club are partnering up with us for a Family night. This Saturday, December 13th from 6pm to 9pm. The cost is $5 (sibling discounts are available) Children need to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver 18yrs or older.

Wear your PJ's and bring your favorite blanket and pillow! Snacks will be available as well. Space is limited, so please call 260-3959 to make reservations.

From our library

All student library books are due in the library this Friday - December 12th. A prize will be awarded to each student who has no overdue books or fines. Second thru sixth grade students will be allowed to check out books next week to read over Christmas Break. Please leave library books at home if you are traveling. Miss Thompson


December 11th - Winter Concert - 6pm

December 12th - Spelling Bee - 1:30pm

December 13th - Polar Express Night 6pm- 9pm

December 16th - Geography Bee - 1:45

December 17th - School Yard Habitat meeting- 4pm

December 18th - Reindeer Games

December 19th - In-service Day (No Students)

January 12th - Report Cards Home

January 13th - End of quarter assembly 2pm

February 5&6 - Parent/Teacher conferences

From the Nurse's office

Nurse Office

Hearing/Vision Screenings for all Kinders, 1st, 3rd and 5th

Beginning 2nd Semester

Please make sure all children who wear glasses

have them on the day of the test

Call Nurse Francie or Nurse Gayle at 260-1372 if questions.