Michael Jordan

By Cameron Hansen


Michael Jordan was one of the greats of his time. And now he is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. keep reading to find out more about Michael Jordan.

Birth and School

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn, NY on Feb. 17 1963. But he later moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Jordan attended Emsley A Laney High School. He was so good in high school he was offed a scholarship to one of the best Collage basketball teams in the U.S, North Carolina.

Drafted and Played

Michael Jordan left North Carolina in his Junior year, (3rd year) and he was drafted in the 1st round and 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls and played 1984-1993. But this was only one of his later 3 retirements the first one in 1993 was after his dad, James Jordan was killed by 2 teenagers who were later convicted of the crime. Jordan played 1 season of minor league baseball, with the Birmingham Barons. But later come back in the NBA to play 3 more seasons with the Bulls, and retired his second time. He later came back in the NBA, to play for the Washington Wizards for 2 seasons .Then he officially retired in 2003.



14x NBA All-Star

6x NBA Champion

6x NBA Finals MVP


10x NBA First Team

1x All NBA Second Team

1x NBA Defensive Player of the Year

9x NBA All-Defensive First Team

10x Scoring Leader

3x NBA Steals Leader

2x NBA Slam Dunk Contest WInner

1x NCAA National Championship Winner

2x First Team All-American

1x National Collage BasketBall Player of the Year

1x ACC Player of the Year

Wife and Kids

in 1989 Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy got married. Together they had Jeffery Jordan who was born on Nov. 18 1988, Marcus Jordan who was born on Dec. 24 1990 and Jasmine Jordan who born on Dec. 7 1992. On Jan. 4 2006 they got divorced. And on Dec. 29 2013, Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto got married. On Feb. 9 2014 Yvette had twins named Victoria and Ysabel (ih - z UH - b eh l)

Where he is now

Jordan is currently the owner of the NBA team, Charlotte Hornets


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