Danville Middle School 22-23

Virtual Learning Day

What is a Virtual Learning Day?

A FID (Flexible Instruction Day) or Virtual Learning Day is defined by the PA Department of Education as "a program available to public school entities to be used as an alternative approach to delivering instruction if a circumstance arises that prevents instruction in the customary manner." This also includes inclement weather or virtual snow days.

At Danville Middle school, the majority of instruction provided during a Virtual Learning Day will be provided through the use of the student-issued Chromebooks. If a student cannot utilize a Chromebook or cannot access reliable internet service, assignments will need to be made up for the student to receive credit.


How will parents, guardians, and students be informed about when a Virtual Learning Day will be scheduled?

The school district will communicate to the best of its ability before a virtual day. Students should be best prepared by bringing their Chromebook home each evening.

What schedule will my child follow during a Virtual Learning Day?

The daily schedule will resemble the child's regular school day schedule. Generally, 7th and 8th-grade students log onto their Google Meet around 8:05 for Block One and 6th-grade students log into their Google Meet around 8:25 for Special One.

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What if my child does not have access to a DASD-issued Chromebook and/ or we don't have reliable internet service?

We understand that not all students will have reliable internet service throughout the Virtual Learning Day, and some students don't have a Chromebook for various reasons. In such cases, the work completed during a Virtual Learning Day may be provided in another manner to students. For grading and attendance purposes, all assigned work must be completed and turned in within 24 hours of the assigned date.

Will my child have Specials during a Virtual Learning Day?

Yes, for the most part. Some specials are challenging to do virtually. Your child's teacher will post expectations for the class in Google Classroom.

My child receives interventions while at DMS. Will they also receive interventions on a Virtual Learning Day?

It depends! If your child was scheduled for an intervention with one of our specialists, the

intervention might be scheduled virtually. Some interventions that most likely will continue

during a Virtual Learning Day are Study Skills, intervention services, and speech services. Enrichment classes will not occur, but your child should be prepared to check their e-mail for updates.

Are guidance services available for my child?

Yes. Members of our school support services department will be available upon request.

A parent/guardian or student can email their teachers, guidance counselor, or principal if they want some time to talk.

My child forgot their Chromebook or other important items at school. Can I come to the office to pick up the item(s)?

The school MAY be open. Before coming to the school, please call (570) 271-3268, Option

#6, Option #1 to speak to a school secretary about your situation. The school is most likely closed if no one answers your phone call.