Why Andrew Jackson is an evil zero

What did he do wrong?

Destroyed the national bank!!!!

during Andrew Jackson's first term as president congress tried to pass a bill to open a second U.S. bank. Jackson didn't even like the current U.S. bank so not surprisingly he vetoed the bill. While he ran for a second term he continued to battle with the national bank as Henry Clay and Nicholas Biddle made a little deal to help each other out. This little deal involved Clay making sure a second national bank got opened as long as Biddle ensured him getting elected during the election. Jackson still got elected and destroyed the national bank, but not at no ones expense. He called himself a man of the common people , but people actually kept their money in the bank and those people could have just lost all of their savings.


Jackson did not like Native Americans. Especially since they were living on very fertile farming land. So he decided to strike a deal to trade land with them. All of the tribes agreed to relocate because they knew that they would have to leave one way or another so they left without force.the Cherokees however fought back the y decided to sue the state of Georgia where they were living at the time. They won the court case but Jackson didn't care he gave permission to Georgia to relocate the tribe. The Cherokees had no choice but to leave. So they did. the travel was very hard and nearly 20% of them died . Jackson slaughtered thousands of Native Americans and all without any regret.
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As soon as Andrew Jackson started his first term he fired all of the experienced employees and hired common people who had no idea how to run a government. Those other employees could have been working there for years and had all the experience in the world and he just got rid of them like they meant nothing. That was the only way some of those people could have supported their families and know they had no job to be able to do that.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14
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No one knows how Andrew Jackson got from being an army general to becoming the president of the United States of America, but he did very quickly since he had no political experience at all.