Soaring in Second Grade

Mrs. Schmidt's Second Grade Class Update

Under the Sea FIELD DAY This Friday, May 1st

Please wear tennis shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and bring a water bottle labeled with your name. Also wear the following shirt color for the teams below.

Red Team-Peter, Tatum, Dean, Yuri

Orange Team-Silas, Ally, Tyler, Joy

Blue Team-Will, Faith, James, Kate, Banner

Green Team-Jack, Kinley, Davis, Grace, Ella

Needed Supplies: we are out :(

Glue Sticks


Unpack your Adjectives

We will continue to talk about adjectives this week. You may have heard your student singing about adjectives (song and links above).

***We will be participating in a bubble gum adjective activity this week as well as a How to Blow a bubble writing activity. We are planning to use sugar free bubble gum during this activity. Please let me know before THURSDAY if your child will not be able to participate in this activity for any reason and we will make other arrangements. Thank you!


Weather held out and we were able to take part in all scheduled events at LISDOLA this past week. A HUGE THANK YOU TO JILL WILSON and NICOLE PACHECO for chaperoning our trip. Students had many outdoor learning opportunities: day and night (diurnal and nocturnal animals), now and then (objects from past and today), life cycles of insects and frogs, hiking in the woods with Mrs. B, and who am I animal & pelt activities. The photo below is one of the groups presenting their animal charades from Who Am I? Can you guess? It's black and white and smelly. :) Ha! This was by far the class favorite.
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