Two in one invention!!

new ways hunt and protect for yourself!

Join us in introducing the new invention....Gunpowder!!!

The newest invention on the block, gunpowder is here. Explors try out gun powder today! All you have to do is put the gunpowder in the gun and shot! It can be used for protection and hut. Yes i said "and". A 2 in one invention!!!

THE next, new, cool invention

THE coolest 2 in 1 invention around. Get it today, for protection and hunt. This caould be you next security system. Your next hunt helper. And it's called GUNPOWDER!!! Get it today THE coolest 2 in one invention around.

The next 2 in one invention

Guarented to help you in many ways

Frequently asked questions

Does it help me hunt- yes

Can it kill anything- yes

Does it work- YES