Reading College Care Home

Improving practice..Improving lives (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT)

Information about us

We ensure that all our people here are given the best care they deserve. All our staff are professionally trained to the best of there abilities! Reading College Care Home will give you the family a good piece of mind were there elders will be staying. The staff who are here will give each and every one of our residence the individual care they need. We promise that everyone is happy and is well looked after.We will also take into special account each care plan, but most of all make sure that everyone is happy.

Our Activities!

we make sure everyone here at Reading College Care Home will have something to enjoy while they are here. Our activities are for everybody. Some of our activities are:

  • arts and crafts
  • swimming
  • reading sessions
  • singing
  • fun days out
  • Bingo
  • gardening
  • dancing

and many many more things to enjoy. we will promise that we all get included.

Resident activities at Ideal Care Homes

extra information

we will meet all our residence needs. All our staff will ensure that everybody is included with some sort of activity. Making sure medication is given to them at the right time by a highly trained professional. There is always a good time at Reading College Care Home. If there is some residence that would like to go to church or some other place to worship we will make sure that they will be cared for and taken to there place of worship when and were they would like too. Our weekly trips involve going to bingo at the local town hall and swimming at the local pool.