Better than the kingdom.

Our Flag

The blades in the top represent the war and blood shed to make this country free. The flowers represent the beauty that is in bloom in this country. The star in the middle stands for wealth. The green stands for the grains that are grown on our lands and the orange represents the continual sunrise and sunset in our country. The purple stands for bravery and kindness. The cross in the middle means we trust in The Lord.

Our Government

President - Kyle Pecht

Vice-President - Roy Plentl

Representative - Ely Rivera

We are a direct democracy. Our political parties are the Glaciers and the Flames. Our governing body is associated with the flames which ran under the platform of lower taxes, less gun control, and free trade.

Our Currency

Mini-Society Overview

So far in our mini-society, we have named our country, voted on a flag, our form of government and government officials, and our currency. The government officials held civil servant interviews and hired five employees. They also wrote our constitution and read it to the country. Our rule and law enforcer, hired by the government, is now in charge of enforcing the constitution in class. We submitted business proposals and voted on which businesses we wanted to license. The business owners conducted job interviews and hired employees. We have issued a $200 stimulus to the entire country and are now in full force goods production. We are working to create goods for our class-market as well as the global market which will be held when we get back from Thanksgiving break.