Weekly Update 11.17.14

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Happy Monday! We're half way through November and we're headed into one of our biggest trunk show weeks ever as a team. We'll be meeting our next hostesses and our next stylist's, we'll be helping women mark those holiday gifts off of their lists in the perfect setting - with friends and wine, we'll be reaching our goals, and we'll do it with tenacity, grace, and style! Success is for each of you - it's yours for the taking! What does it take???

I agree wholeheartedly with Sally Neff and couldn't have said it better myself... "Consistent daily action, a fire in your belly that pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone and a positive outlook I think are the 3 most important components of how to reach the success you want for yourself! It is not what your upline does, it isn't that the person you have been prospecting told you NO Thanks, the people who are ignoring you and not returning your message/ text/ vm etc.... All of those things happen in this biz... They are part of the journey that leads you to success!!! We are in the largest pay out month of the YEAR... DO NOT sell yourself short thinking, well I'm too busy (we are all busy- that's an excuse you are telling yourself) I am not good at this (yes you are) It truly depends on how much you want it... And I know this for sure, everyone who signs up has the dream- they want this- so today remember why you started and I DARE YOU to go out ... Way out of your comfort zone and make this November one you will never forget!"
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Top Sellers - November Month to Date

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Kim Jones 8,056

Barbara Ellis 7,544
Karla Dofflemyer 6,241
Kathryn Larson 6,241
Ashley Ryan 6,070
Christine Swartz 6,007
Meredith Sorkin 5,914
Katie Kathman 5,488
Angela DiManna 5,319
Ami McCullough 4,919


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Richmond VA - SAVE THE DATE!
Monday, December 15th
Jenny Foley's Home
*Please bring a piece (or more!) of jewelry in excellent condition to donate to Massey Cancer Center

Home Office Training Calls

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!
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Welcome New Stylists!

Congrats on choosing Stella & Dot! We can't wait to help you grow your business!

Shelby King
Elizabeth Cox
Angelita Matta
Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Sarah Daley
Cary Smith
Donna Riddell
Eiko Hareyama
Jessica Czerwin
Katherine Czerwin
Kristen Hotz
Kristen Luna
Kathi-Lyn Coker
Aishah Brown
Anna Russo
Claire Burrows
Vinita Chauhan
Beth McClements
Katherine Andreottola

Join our team facebook page!

This team page has been created for Stylists to share best practices, offer encouragement and inspiration as you reach your goals.

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My Upcoming Show Schedule

November 18th Richmond

November 19th Midlothian

November 20th Chesterfield

December 3rd AM Spotsylvania

December 3rd Midlothian

December 4th Chesterfield

Hope you have a great week!

XO, Kelly

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