by: ariana seigl

Their government

Belgium has a limited government. The country's government depends on democracy to get a new leader. Their leader is a prime minister named Charles Michel. The citizens have the responsibilities of voting and paying taxes.

the languages

Belgium maybe a small country but it does have a lot of languages. Out of all of the languages there are three major languages Dutch, French, and German.

the exports of belgium

Belgium doesn't have any main imports, but they do have some main exports. The main exports of Belgium are oil, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles.

similarities and differences to america

No countries are the same, but some might have similarities. Belgium has a prime minister while America has a president. Belgium and America both use democracy to chose new leaders. America's flag is red white and blue while Belgium's flag is black, yellow, and red. Belgium's citizens responsibilities are paying taxes and voting, America's citizens also have those responsibilities too.

bibliography/ websites that helped me

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