White House Library

by Cameron McCoy

The library in the White House is on the Ground Floor and is approximately 27 by 28 feet. The room is used for tiny parties, such as tea parties. It is also used for small meetings with the president.

What it looks like

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During the 1950's reconstruction of the White House, old building lumber from the house was salvaged and re-made into wall paneling for this room. John Adams used the room as a laundry room first. President Fillmore was the one who converted it to a library. During the Truman administration the library was paneled using wood from the old White House that burned down in the battle of 1812. The library was painted to what it looks like today when Kennedy was president.an unusual lighthouse clock was made by Simon Willard to commemorate the visit of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Materials needed

Vase, water, roses, greenery, lilies, Queen Ann Lace Flower


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