Equal Voting Right For Women!

Women bring all the voters into the world ~ Let Women Vote!!


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Why Women Suffrage Is Important!

  • Because it is fair and right that those who must obey the laws should have a voice in making them.
  • Because disfranchisement helps to keep wages down.
  • Because equal suffrage would increase the proportion of educated voters.
  • Because it would increase the proportion of native-born voters.
  • Because it would increase the moral and law-abiding vote very much, while increasing the vicious and criminal vote very little.
  • Because it leads to fair treatment of women in the public service.
  • Because legislation for the protection of children would be secured more easily.
  • Because it is the quietest, easiest, most dignified and least conspicuous way of influencing public affairs.
  • Because it would make women more broadminded.
  • Because woman's ballot will make it hard for the notoriously bad candidates to be nominated or elected.
  • Because it would increase women's influence.
  • Because it would help those women who need help the most.
  • Because it is a maxim in war.
  • Because experience has proved it to be good.

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