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Helping Students to have a glass Half-Full

I hope you all had a chance to rest, relax and revitalize during the break!

Let's have a great week!

Music Therapy Website

For any of those interested in the great resources available through Christina and the MPS Music Therapy department, you can check out this site.

T Plus has got Talent!

Thank you to all of the participants of the staff talent show - We've got some amazingly talented staff. There were so many people that made this happen from our sound engineer to our emcees to our acts to the audience participants!

Thank you All! This was a great way for our students celebrate and prepare to leave for a long break.

Recycle Art!

The art program on the A side is planning to do some outstanding recycled art for the spring.

We would love to re-purpose your "garbage"!

  • Water bottles
  • Soda bottles (all sizes)
  • Used wrapping paper
  • Used boxes
  • Used ribbon and bows
  • Tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Etc.

These items do not need to be fancy or organized in any way. Just throw it all in a garbage bag and deliver to room A106. We're also free to come pick them up, just let us know.

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts and donations.

Thank You to Coffee Plus!

For those of you that were not aware of it. I provided the food and Coffee Plus provided the service for the staff luncheon the day before break. A special thanks to all of the student who helped and to Marva and Tia for pulling it all off!

Once again I am so thankful to be part of such an amazing staff that does great things for students!

Counseling Corner

Welcome back! Robby hopes you all got to focus on yourselves during our break and are feeling rejuvenated!

In preparation for 2nd semester scheduling, Janet and Robby want to know which ELL students would benefit from participating in ELL focused classes for 2nd semester. Our ELL students, at any level, may participate in:

ELL Focused Paes Lab

2nd period on MW


2nd period on TR

ELL Focused Basic Cooking

5th & 6th periods on TR

ELL Supported Co-teach Pre-CNA class

3rd period daily

Please e-mail Robby back names and their desired class(s) by January 4th.

Team 2 and Team 3: 2nd semester course selection sheets will be in your mail boxes on Thursday January 5th. Please work with our students on selecting courses for 2nd semester. Once complete, deliver to Robby for entry. 2nd semester begins on Tuesday January 31st. You may view the 2nd semester Master Schedule here

Due Process

All students receiving special education services in grades 9 - 12+ must have two types of goal statements on their Transition IEPs:

(1) Measurable Post Secondary Goals/Desired Outcomes (long range future goals after high school)

(2) Measurable Annual Goals and Objectives (goal(s) and objectives for the school year)

The links above are two fact sheets that may be used to guide discussions at IEP team meetings regarding measureable post secondary goals/desired outcomes and measurable annual goals and objectives. If you want more specifics or samples to include for writing an IEP, there are samples in the due process notebook in the Transition IEPs section 3a.

Measurable Post Secondary Goals/Desired Outcomes are a part of graduation planning. Planning for a student’s graduation should begin before the student’s 12th grade year. Graduation planning should begin with the first transition IEP and each year the student is enrolled in high school or transition program/services, the IEP team must look at the student’s post-secondary goals in education/training, employment and independent living and discuss the appropriate courses of study for the student, including the required classes for that grade(s) and electives available, to allow the student to work towards those post-secondary goals.

Please contact Deborah Mohen with any other questions

Upcoming Dates

January 3 Team Meetings

January 6 CBI Friday

January 10 Licensed Staff Meeting

January 11 SPDG Grant Meeting (Licensed Staff 8-9)

January 11 PSWE Meeting

January 13 ILT Meeting

January 13 ESP meeting 2-2:30 pm or 2:35-3:05 pm

January 17 Team Meetings

January 20 CBI Friday

January 24 Licensed Staff Meeting

January 25 PSWE Meeting

January 27 Teacher Record Keeping Day

January 30 PD Day at T plus

February 16 Family Resource Night- Guardianship

February 23 Visit T Plus 4:30-6 pm (Licensed staff that attend can leave early on the record keeping day - March 31)

Plan for PD Days

I was givenchoices for PD day for ESP staff- instead of choosing January 27- I am choosing January 30th to swap for that day

So- You are expected to attend the staff PD day on January 30th.

If for some reason you are not able to attend – you are expected to notify me in advance – You will not be able to use vacation time for this day!!!!

We will be using the edCamp model again.

If you have a strong desire to hear on a specific topic, know of someone in the district to speak on a topic or want to host on a topic please let me know (especially if we want to ask others to present).

Custodial Engineer Help

Dave has accepted a promotion within the district and Bill is our lead engineer right now.

Dennis will be out on leave beginning Thursday as he will be having surgery. He will be out for 3 weeks. Please be aware of this and clean up after yourself as much as possible. We will not have a substitute engineer in his absence, so the rest of the team will be covering our area.

Helping You (and students) with Your New Year's Resolutions!

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Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck) | Alison Ledgerwood | TEDxUCDavis