Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the week of Feb. 4th-8th

News from Room C217

Howdy! What a great week! We had lots going on and tons of learning. The students finished up their "Think Like A Historian" projects, their "All About" Culture books, AND took a fractions test! Whew! Next week things will look different as Wednesday is an early release day. See below for all the fabulous details of the week to come.....

What we will be learning this week.....

Math: The students will work on mental math strategies for warm up this week. This is to help with their math flexibility and understanding of numbers and their relationship. I will be giving a quiz on time to see how students are applying their understanding of telling time since it is an on-going concept. On Friday, we will be working with three-digit numbers to build their confidence with larger numbers. Students will be completing problem solving each day in math. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences where they communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify their thinking. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet and an individual spiraling sheet.

Science: The spotlight in science will be conservation of resources. The students will identify, and demonstrate how to use, conserve, and dispose of natural resources and materials such as conserving water and reuse or recycling paper, plastic and metal. Students will begin the unit by taking an "Eco" walk to identify items that could be conserved. Then they will be making a conservation poster to spread the message about conservation to their peers. And to complete the lesson on the following Monday, students will use collected items in the room to reuse and make into something else. **Please feel free to send in any "cool" recyclable items next week that we can use on the following Monday**

Reading: The big idea in reading will be poetry focusing on rhyming, rhythm, and sensory language. Before beginning our unit on poetry we will review parts of speech: nouns, adjectives and verbs. Students will be creating a rhyming dictionary and will add to their poetry notebook. We will be using several poems as our guided text for the week.

Writing: In writing students will be learning how to write small moment stories. (Since our research in social studies took longer than planned this focus will begin this week and not last week like planned.) This is where they take a story and highlight one moment . We will be using mentor text to model stories like these.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Writing Contest

Students are encouraged to write their own (with no help from an adult) version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. There will be one winner selected from each grade level. An overall winner will be selected and will win 4 tickets to Schlitterbahn!!! All entries are due Wednesday, Feb. 6th. Be sure to go to the book fair at Barnes and Noble to hear Mrs. Varljen's version of the story on Saturday, Feb. 9!

We've already had a few students enter and boy, what awesome stories they have come up with! I am trying to think of one myself.....

Journals and Notebooks

Students took home their Math Notebooks last week. The kids are really improving with their problem solving, and I hope they took you on a tour of their work. This week, students will be bringing home the Word Study notebook.

In The Loop

  • Thursday, Jan. 31 - Chick-Fil-A spirit night
  • Friday, Feb. 1 - Class Shirt Day!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 5 - 100th Day of School
  • Wednesday, Feb. 6 - Early Release @ 12:45 pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 7 - Class Picture Day @ 9:40 am
  • Saturday, Feb. 9 - Barnes & Noble Book Fair
  • Monday, Feb. 18 - Staff Development - NO SCHOOL

Happy Birthday!

Zane - Feb. 1st

Marco - Feb. 4th

Arya - Feb. 11th

Grace - Feb. 18th

Jack D. - Feb. 28th

Spotlight Stallion

We had TWO amazing Spotlight Stallions last week! Zane got to take Peter home on the 30th. He has done such a great job making the transition to our class family. Grace got to take Peter home on Feb. 1st. She is an amazing student and really knows how to work with numbers! Way to go, guys!

Valentine's Party

Details on the Valentine's party are coming! Please have your student begin his/her Valentine's box. Details on that are on the homework for the 4th-8th. A list of class names for Valentine cards can be found on my website.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me any time. If you make a change to your child's transportation, please call the office.