The skin disease

What does it look like?

Impetigo at first looks like red sores, mainly found around the mouth and nose, when the sores bust a yellow crust is formed. It is high contagious and mainly affects children and infants.

What to do if someone has it and how to prevent?

If someone has impetigo call the doctor quick. They will give that person to take a pill that will stop it and prevent spreading to other places and people. Also the person who has it should not share these things: cloths, sheets, razors, soaps, and towels. They should also be washed separate in hot water and things like counters and door handles should be disinfected more.

How people get it and how they use to get rid of it.

Mainly people with eczema, poison ivy, insect bites, and cut and scrapes have a better chance of getting this skin problem. This is because they are like to scratch that area which can have the disease on a surface they have touched. Before they will tell you not to scratch and keep that person at home which could be for 2-3 weeks. If did not cure then they would go to the doctor.


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