The Tundra

Earth's coldest, harshest biomes

Tundra Information

A Tundra Biome can be found in many places across the globe, including; North America, Scandinavia, and Russia. "The average annual temperature is -18° F(-28° C). Nights can last for weeks when the sun barely rises during some months in the winter, and the temperature can drop to -94° F (-70° C). During the summer the sun shines almost 24 hours a day, which is why the Arctic is also called the Land of the Midnight Sun. Summers are usually warm. Temperatures can get up to 54° F (12° C), but it can get as cold as 37° F (3° C). Average summer temperatures range from 37° to 60°F".


In the tundra, you can find various plants and animals, such as; Arctic Moss, Arctic Willow, Barberry, Caribou, Moss, Diamond-leaf, Willow, Labrador Tea, Pasque Flower, Arctic Fox, Caribou, Ermine, Grizzly Bear, Harlequin Duck, Musk Ox, Polar Bear, and the Snowy Owl.
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By Anna Judge