Highly Effective Students

Eddie H.

My Study Habits Now

I'm the type of student who procrastinates. I usually procrastinate because i'm pretty busy at the moment and ill get to it later when i'm not. I don't really get to it unless its really needed like, my teacher emails my mom the due dates and my mom gets on to me. I'd really like to change it most likely make me be a better student.

Top 5 Study Habits

1- Identify How You Learn

-Explore some new study skills.

2-Ask Questions

-Frequently ask questions that I do not understand.

3-Catch Some Zzz’s

-Get better sleep or have a better sleeping schedule.

4-Manage Your Time Wisely

-Take your time on studying and don't let things distract you.


-Keep track on assignments and beware of there due dates.

Top 3 Study Habits

My Future

When I grow up Id like to be a lawyer. I like stating my side of an argument. I think I like just arguing with people especially when I know I'm right. It be pretty cool to keep people from getting thrown into jail. Knowing the law would be beneficial to me. If I was a layer id make a lot of money too, so that'd be tight.