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Enjoy a Whole Host of Benefits with Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Our experienced carpet cleaners in London make use of the most efficient cleaning procedures to give your carpets and rugs a deep-down clean. As well as restoring the definition of your carpet’s design, they’re great at bringing back the freshness and fragrance – just like new! Hot water extraction and dry cleaning are the two methods we use to great success – we’ll choose the most effective method to use on your floor, assisting in effective stain removal by pre-treating stained areas with a highly effective cleaning treatment. Hot water extraction involves injecting hot water deep into your carpet’s fibres, and then vacuuming the dirty water away together with the unwanted detritus that has gathered over time. This method is particularly effective for the more hard wearing materials, while dry cleaning is used for more delicate carpets, such as those made from sisal, cotton or silk.