Career Project

By Paul Souriyachak

About me

My name is Paul Souriyachak, people say I'm an athletic person. I can play all sports but my main one is soccer. I think I'm feeling great about my future. I'm thinking about serving in the Navy or Army and get a part Tim job as a Firefighter. I don't know what other job suits me. I think that I need education that will lead me to the army or a good job. The college I want to go to is Arkansas.

Personality test

My true color is Blue, it means in a strong desire to influence other. I believe in true love and relationships.

I think the descriptions fit me very well. I am very loyal and dependable and have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life.

Razorbacks Football Program

Arkansas Razorbacks Football 2014-15 // Dawn of an Era

Career Choices

I want to serve in the marines when i get out of High School. I've always wanted to do that. I'll get a part time job to be a Pharmacy Technician. In order to get these jobs i have to have a bachelor's degree and a high school graduate.


They are a lot of colleges around. I don't know which one to pick. The top three I want to go to are University of Florida, Texas Christian University and University of Arkansas.


I know I'm a little cheap in buying things but it's smart not getting things you always need. I will still have a lot of money left over after I pay monthly expenses and annual expenses.
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