Booth: Cold Blooded Killler

Booth's Single Handed Plot and Murder of Lincoln

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Members of the Confederate Party were Recruited by Booth

He had many henchmen to help follow through with his plan to murder government officials. His henchmen were under his full control and followed his every command. Some of these people were, "George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell, and David Herold" (Swanson 27). He also ensured safe homes hosted by many other members of the Confederate Party. For example, Mr. Mudd let Booth and his partner stay on his farm. (Swanson 113).

Booth was a strong and proud confederate who was mad at Lincoln

Booth strongly believed in the Confederate cause and since Lincoln believed strongly in the Union, Booth strongly disliked Lincoln and the opposing side. For example, states "he was outspoken in his love of the South, and equally outspoken in his hatred of Lincoln." Another example is, "The confederacy was dead. His cause was lost and his dream of glory was over" (Swanson 9).

The plot to kill Lincoln was planned with many other people who were equal partners

Some say that Booth was not the ring leader of the plot to kill Lincoln. However, he did not have equal partners working with him. Booth clearly is the single mastermind of this plot. As stated in the book of Chasing Lincoln's Killer, Booth often tells his "henchmen" their assignments to murder the the three most powerful men in US government.

Sources say Booth killed Lincoln because it was easy to do and required no planning

Some say that Booth killed Lincoln because he was famous and could get around the theater freely as he pleased therefore surpassing the guards. However, Lincoln's killing was planned and thought through greatly. For example, Booth and his henchman tried to kidnap Lincoln many times but were unsuccessful. "Neither of the kidnapping plans bore fruit- the second, a ploy on March 17th to capture Lincoln as he traveled in his carriage collapsed when the president changed his itinerary—and several of Booth’s conspirators ultimately left the group" (teaching