Justin Bieber

Justin is not the bad person that haters think he is

The beginning

This picture was taken in 2009..when his career had started.A lot of people liked him, and a lot of people didn't. people were saying he's gay,and sounds like a girl and looks like a girl and is a bad person.Just to let you know,he's not a bad person.Trust me, I know..wayyyyy more than you know.

He's human too

Justin is one of the strongest people I may know. All of the hate he gets and still..look at him,look where he is now.Yeah,he may cry sometimes,that's only because he's had enough.Yes,he did drugs before,and went to jail before..but when was that? 2013.That wasn't his best year.He was 18.A teenager,he was going through those stages.We all will.Deal with it.Plus,being a celebrity is really hard,and puts so much pressure on you,and sometimes can cause you to think that drugs is the only answer.But,he's a totally different person now.He loves God and knows that God is the answer.Dont believe me? listen to Purpose.Yeah."Haters are just confused admirers"Haters complain about Justin a lot and say that he can't sing..then why don't you go on up there on that stage and perform in front of all those thousands or millions of fans and TRY to sound better than him. Oh wait,you can't.Ao,just leave him alone.Please.

Frequently asked questions about him

If he's this good person,then why did he ignore his fans this one time?||Well..there's something called bad days,which everyone has.He loves this fans so so so so much!

Please just don't hate on him unless you have a really good reason too

Don't hate on him unless he has done something really mean to you,which won't ever happen.And don't be starting bad rumors about him either.Do to say anything that isn't true,just to make hthe m look like a bad person.