Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Element Info


Atomic mass-104kg

Discovered by- Lionel messi in Dallas,Tx

Occurrence- highly concentrated in outdoor/indoor soccer fields and anywhere with a bed.

Extremely low quantities in work area and english classes

Physicall Properties

Surface properties-

Boils at the sight of violence or abuse of any kind

Melts if given chocolates filled with caramel

Can cause a ruckus if given candy, chocolates, sodas and sugar in gerneral


* sad when there's a death in a movie... Especially an animal's death

*happy when there's a party or a barça game goin on

* stubborn and unyielding when thing don't go the was she plans

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by homework, projects, pop quiz, STARRS, etc. and Real Madrid fans

Is attracted by food, happiness and... Of course SOCCER!!

May explode spontaneously if sees abuse of any kind,

Is insert if in a lively environemts filled with good music and joyful people

Will repel from violent situations

Is impervious to dumb racial comments