200 Meter Dash

by: Diego Tarango

The Strongest, the most Athletic, the Best

The 200 meter dash not only tests speed but endurance too. The 200 meter dash has been in the Olympics for over 100 years. The 200 meter dash is very simple and anyone can do it no matter how fast you are. The professionals running in the Olympics train for many years before they go to the olympics. The world record is 19.30 in the olympics but 19.19 in another race by Usain bolt who is also famous for the 100 and 400 meter world records.

Will Women every be faster in the 200 meter dash than Men? ...Ever?

That is the question that i will answer by the end of this article. Men have had better times in the olympics than women is every olympics. I will analyze data from previous Olympic races and compare the rates of men getting faster and women getting faster. I will use data from olympics.org.

Data from previous olympics

Scatter plot

I use a scatter plot to analyze data. The colored inboxes represent female competitors and the other boxes on the bottom represent male competitors.

The Line of best fit

The line of best fit shows that generally the 2 groups are getting faster.

Man vs Woman

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These 2 lines intersecting represent the projected year when male and female athletes will be at the same speed. This also shows that even though the females started out slower they were getting faster at a more rapid pace than the males.

X coordinate

The x coordinate is the years counting by 4. Because every 4 years there is a new gold medalist and a new summer olympics.

Y coordinate

The y coordinate is the times the athletes got in seconds.
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