Digital Access

A Theme of Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Access?

Digital Access is full electronic participation in society. Technology users need to be aware that not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to technology. Working toward equal digital rights and supporting electronic access is the starting point of Digital Citizenship. Digital exclusion makes it difficult to grow as a society increasingly using these tools. Helping to provide and expand access to technology should be the goal of all digital citizens. Users need to keep in mind that there are some that may have limited access, so other resources may need to be provided. To become productive citizens, we need to be committed to making sure that no one is denied digital access.

What can be done?

The Digital Divide refers to unequal access to information technology. Public debate has addressed this as a technology issue rather than a reflection of broader social problems. We can make an effort to overcome this gap. One way is to provide laptops to all students. Another is to provide options for accessing the Internet such as a library or business that provides WiFi such as McDonald's or Starbucks.
Digital Access