EDMS Community Newsletter

September 14th, 2020


We are now officially halfway through 1st Quarter! It seems like it has gone by very quickly as we are already at Progress Report time. Progress Reports will be mailed home at the end of this week but you are always able to see your student's progress via Homelink. We are so appreciative of the way all of you at home have taken on the challenge of supporting your students with the space, structure, and tools to learn. Daily we are impressed by our students' engagement and effort to learn. One of only a few PFC Fundraisers we hold kicks off this week. Be sure to check out below for more information. Thanks to everyone who came out for Taco Tuesday at Cinco de Mayo! They said they always love supporting EDMS for the amazing turn out they get each time.

Parent EDU Trainings

Please see the link below for Parent EDU trainings being offered through the district. The flyer has dates and times for the upcoming week.

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PFC Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser this year will be embracing the online, remote format and we will be bringing cookies and popcorn to the EDMS Community. We will be sending out more information later this week so be on the lookout. There are some awesome prizes for students that participate and all monies raised go straight to supporting students and teachers during Distance Learning. Check it out!
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Last Monday, the Department of Agriculture announced an extension of the Area Eligibility Waiver providing all children with meals at NO COST. This is a continuation of what was available over summer. EDMS will be distributing food Mon/Wed/Fri 11-12:30 to any children under 18 regardless of where they attend school. Families can still complete a food services application which can be found here.


Students, join our amazing counselors, Ms. Grant and Ms. Finch for Wellness Wednesdays. See below for how to join. See you there!

6th Grade Wellness Wednesday, 11:35 AM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 840 7274 3217
Passcode: edms

7th Grade Wellness Wednesday, 12:10 PM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 838 4875 5718
Passcode: edms

8th Grade Wellness Wednesday, 12:45-1:15 .

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 948 878 4284
Passcode: eight

Reporting and Clearing Absences [REPOST]

Students shall attend all classes and activities to which they are assigned. If a student does not attend his/her assigned class or activity, the absence shall be reported to the attendance secretary. When a student’s absence from school and/or class is not cleared, the parent / guardian will be notified.

All-Day & Partial Day Absences

must be cleared within 3 school days.

Call the El Dorado ABSENCE LINE

925-682-8000 x5105

Leave the following information on the voicemail:

  • Student’s name (Always SPELL the last name)

  • Grade

  • Reason for Absence (required)

  • Date(s) of absence(s)

  • Person & relationship making the call (Please SPELL the last name)

  • Your BEST daytime phone number

More than 12 excused absences due to illness in a school year is considered excess (AR5113); verification by a physician will be required for subsequent absences due to illness or medical appointments.


Excused absences:

  • Illness or injury of the student

  • Medical, dental, optometrical, or chiropractic appointments

  • Student attendance at a funeral service

  • Quarantine imposed by a city or county health official

Unexcused absences that the school should be notified of:

  • Vacations

  • Transportation issues

  • Sport Events

Always check your HomeLink account under Attendance. If there is an “A” code, please call EDMS to either clear the Absence or inquire regarding the reason for the codes.

Attendance Codes used during Distance Learning

Teachers are recording your child's attendance through the codes provided by CA State to represent their highest level of participation for that day:

  • P = Present: Online synchronous instruction, 1:1 office hours

  • 4 = Online Activity: Completed a test, turning in assignments, etc
  • 3 = Communication w/ Certificated Staff: 2-way communication with student and/or parent online or by email
  • A = Absent (none of the above engagement)
Support Staff Code:
  • 6 = Support Service Access: Speech Therapy, OT, PT, Counseling

While "IN" Class...

  • It is important for your child to understand they are "in class" and our school rules exist.
  • Students may not take pictures of the screen, of their classmates or the teacher, and distribute through any unapproved media (anything not teacher directed). This includes all social media posting.
  • School discipline will occur, which may include suspension of your rights to digital access as well as suspension from a class.

Responsible Use Policy

Each student in MDUSD and their parent/guardian has signed the District Responsible Use Policy
  • Responsible uses of technology are devoted to activities that support teaching and learning. The following items constitute our agreement about the use of technology in the schools of Mt. Diablo Unified School District.
  • Students using online tools such as but not limited to Docs, MDUSD Google Apps for Education (GAFE), blogs, and podcasts are considered an extension of the classroom. Therefore, any speech that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is also inappropriate in all uses of blogs, podcasts, or other online tools. This includes—but is not limited to—profane, racist, sexist, or discriminatory remarks.
  • These are examples of inappropriate activity on the MDUSD network, but MDUSD reserves the right to take immediate action regarding activities
  1. that create security and/or safety issues for the MDUSD network, Users, schools, network or computer resources;
  2. that expend MDUSD resources on content it determines lacks legitimate educational content/purpose; or
  3. other activities as determined by MDUSD as inappropriate.

Technology and Chromebook Support [click below]

Upcoming Dates/Events

[please click here to subscribe to our school calendar]

Thursday, Sept 17th: MDUSD Parent Academy: Participating in a Virtual IEP 7-8pm

Monday, Sept 21st: MDUSD Parent Academy: Overcoming Fear Factors 3-4pm

Wednesday, Sept 23rd: PFC Meeting 5:30

Tuesday, Sept 29th: MDUSD Parent Academy: Social/Emotional Skills 3-4pm

Wednesday, Sept 30: Coffee w/ Clausen 9:00am