A Brief History Of Games

*comparing and contrasting games*

The Beginning of Games

Games have first been invented in 1945 when early software began. So people have made simple games and simulations as part of computer science research. But in extremely popular in the 1950's.

When people discovered video games they developed old arcade games like Pac-man, Galaga, and Centipede. After these iconic classics they have caught the attention of many soft ware developers, and some people have decided to make companies and corporations around video games. For example, Nintendo were one of the first people to have make household gaming consoles making them a massive financial gain. They produced not high quality resolution games as we see today, but instead an 8-bit red plumber that can jump on mushrooms and go down pipes, and it was called Super Mario Brothers. It caught the attention of many kids in the 1900's to just control that little plumber on your TV had blown kids of all ages minds.

In seeing what the financial wealth that Nintendo has, made other companies followed in their footsteps. Eventually leading to what today's modern age of gaming.

Modern Day Gaming

Now, in the modern age of gaming there are two different types of companies. One is the producers of games for example Nintendo, Sony Entertainment and MicroSoft that create the games and officially own the game titles the make. And there's the developers of the games for example Rockstar, Activision, and Zynga that technically own the game and are able to make money of game titles that other companies make.

The Comparison of Old and New Games

Comparing old and new games is very difficult because of the fact that there are millions of different opinions, odds and differences and just the time gap between now and then. So I have decided to not compare them by quality ratings or financial gain it has made, but rather the memory of them.

Games now in the modern age will be remembered as the revive of the North American crash of 1983, (If you are unaware about the crash, links are at the end of the article). the rebirth of video games as we know it. But not only would it be remembered a rebirth, but also by what pushed the basic idea of a video game could be and what it will soon to be. It pushes the legacy of greatness of a simple cartridge or CD disc that it can be.

Greatness has to start somewhere, and that was because of old video games. The future of modern age gaming has already been seen. If you look back at what video games were at in the beginning and see where it has ended up, then you already know what is right up the corner for video games in the future. So I have chosen that the old classic games are superior than the new genres of games, only by the fact of if they have ceased to exist then games would've had a different outcome.

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