TELPAS Season Has Started!

Rees Elementary Holistic Rating Training - KN and 1st grade

Who participates in TELPAS?

All ELLs must participate in TELPAS, including LEP students and waivers.


  • Students with severe disabilities for whom the ARD committee decided to exit from LEP.
  • New enrolled students from another TX school district, state or country who register after the first day of the TELPAS window. They only will take the Reading TELPAS component (if 2nd-4th)

Why is TELPAS important?

  • It's an standardized measure of students' English growth.
  • It considers the teacher's holistic view of the students and both the academic and informal English they use in different settings.
  • It gives data for four different components, so teachers now which are the need areas to improve
  • It is State-mandated, just like STAAR
  • It is part of both State and Federal Accountability system
  • Will get audited this year
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Rees TELPAS Calendar Overview

  • Very short windows
  • Please make sure you add to your personal or school calendar the dates that pertain to you.
  • Advanced notice if something conflicts with your schedule or plans
  • Will send reminders but it is your responsibility to comply.

Your TELPAS Account How-to's

New TELPAS Online Training Center:

Please save/bookmark the web address below:

To create an account: (All teachers KN-4th)

1. Click on Sign Up on the right hand upper corner

2. Enter keyword: training2016

3. Create your user name and password and fill out info

To watch the Basic Online Training (available January 25th – Feb. 12th) (Optional)

1. In the Choose your Training section, choose your grade level range – make sure you choose the right one!

2. Start with the Overview – if you click and it doesn’t come up, check the pop-up icon as you might need to allow pop-ups for this webpage.

3. Watch the video, exit when you’re done so that you can proceed to the next one.

4. Watch all the videos and complete the activities

Once you are done: (only required for new raters or raters in a new grade level cluster)

1. E-mail me letting me know that you have completed the training.

2. You will receive a link to a District quiz. Please answer the questions. It will let you know if you passed right away.

3. If you didn’t pass, go back to your training modules and watch the parts that you think you need to review. Take the quiz again.

4. I will be able to see when you were successful in the quiz and the District TELPAS Coordinator will print out a certificate for you.

To Calibrate:

1. Attend your monitored session, according to the calendar.

2. Make sure you know your user name and password

3. Take your Rater Manual to look at the PLDs as you calibrate (pg.31)

4. You will be given a passcode by session proctor.

5. Start rating (headphones required). Sessions are 3 hours long.

6. When finished, it will let you know if you successfully calibrated.

7. Go to the Scoring Summary tab and send your certificate to print.

8. Give the print-out to the proctor.

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Important Rating Reminders and Tips

February is the time to go back to your class TELPAS groups that we made at the beginning of the year and your notes and start looking at where do you see your students now.

Rating Tips:

  • Read the Prepare to rate your students section of the Manual (pp. 22-29) and the Rating Tips (p.30)

  • Look at the descriptors (PLDs) when thinking about your students (pp. 31-35)

  • Only KN and first grade rate for reading.

  • Only consider their English proficiency, not work habits or behavior tendencies.

  • You are not rating Academic Achievement, you are rating Academic Language Proficiency. (pp.24-25)

Dates and Procedures:

  • You will receive your TELPAS roster on March 4th, 2016
  • Rating starts on March 7th.

  • The roster you receive is the official list of students participating in TELPAS. Please transcribe the students' names on the TELPAS Student Rating Roster in the Appendices section of your Rater Manual. Detach the page, rate your students and staple in the back of the cover sheet (in your packet). Please make sure cover has been signed and teacher's information has been marked.

  • Due date for rated rosters is Tuesday, March 22nd. Please have it ready and turn it to Zaira or Carre -along with your Rater Manual- during your planning time. (Room 507)

Before you leave...Please sign the Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality for TELPAS Raters

Thank you and Happy TELPASing!!!