By: Chance Cover


This will be about The Election of 1800. I will talk talk about some of the pros and cons of people running for president. There was John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. John Adams was a Federalist and Thomas Jefferson. I mostly agree with John Adams but some areas I agree with Thomas Jefferson.

I agree with Adams on having a Strong army and navy opposed to Thomas Jefferson. I think we need a strong army and navy for good protection. This would be key In case there was a war. We would also be able to have a strong “base.” They would most likely be known as a power country.

I support Adams with who should rule the country. I think the educated can rule mostly then the rich can support and give money.

Three qualities I would want from a president. I would like from a president to get rid of all the illegal immigrants/aliens. Also to have a better economy for us. And to try not to get involved with other countries.

John Adams ended up winning. This was probably one of closest races in history. The federalist John Adams was going against Thomas Jefferson democratic-republican.