Immigration guide

Coming to America

What to pack

Make sure to pack clothes that will keep you cool for the boat and through the inspection. The weather here is a little cold so pants and long sleeve shirts. You can always buy more clothes when you get to America. Bring things that are very important to you such as family pictures. DO NOT PACK MEDICINE this will make you look like there is something wrong with you and you might not be able to get into America. If you have to bring medicine for the package throw it overboard before you get off the boat. Then make sure the first thing you do is go to a doctor and get more medicine. You also might want to pack a blanket or two for the passage.

What to expect on the passage

Coming over will be hard. The boats will be very very crowded. Make sure to wear clothes that will keep you cool so that you don't sweat because that makes you look nervous. Also stay far away from people that you think are sick because you don't want to be sick when you get off the boat. You are not guaranteed a bed or room so bring a blanket or two

What to expect on Ellis Island

At Ellis Island you will start out at the baggage room where you will leave your bags and they will search through them, then you will walk up the stairs to the registry room where people will watch you walk up them (make sure you are not breathing heavily), then you will go to the registry room where they will ask you basic questions about yourself, then you will go into the medical exam room where they will make sure that you are in the best physical condition and that you are in the best health. Then at the legal inspection they will ask you questions and make sure to answer truthfully! Then in the detainees room this is where people are kept is they need a further look at. Then the stairs of separation you say good bye to the family members that will be staying in the detainees room, and then you leave Ellis Island and are in the U.S.A!!

How to prepare for the journey

To prepare for the journey you need to be in the best physical, mental, and financial situation. So to be in the best physical conditions try to work out a little, maybe by running or just walking up and down stairs. To be in the best mental condition you need to prepare for what you will expect on the passage and at Ellis Island (refer above). To be in the best financial situation try and save up as much money as possible and try not to splurge on unnecessary items.

We hope to see you in America!!