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Turn off AutoPlay in YouTube

Did you know you can easily turn off auto play with YouTube Videos? When playing a video from YouTube, on the right above the "up next" video is a button to turn off or on auto play.


Want to avoid suggested videos, ads, and comments on YouTube? Use ViewPure to "purify" videos to remove unwanted extras. Go to to try it out. Simply copy and paste a YouTube Video URL to a get a new "cleaner" version.


Just ordered 2 new Osmo iPad kits with my PTA money. Osmo kits include number, letter, and tangram manipulatives to use with students. If you would be interested in checking them out as a possible center activity to use with students, let me know and we can schedule a time to show you the kit. We have a total of 3 kits in the ITC office.

Mainly a primary iPad tool, but there are some uses for upper grades as well.

Students Using EdPuzzle this Week in Class

Students loved using EdPuzzle for the first time this week during a reading class. The formative assessment video tool kept them all engaged and led to some interesting discussions about the video and analysis of EdPuzzle as a learning tool.

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Collaboration Quote

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