Montgomery Bus Boycott

DON'T Be There or Be Square

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Monday, Dec. 5th 1955 at 5:30am to Tuesday, Dec. 6th 1955 at 5:30am

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Please join us for this Montgomery Bus Boycott! Help us achieve equality!

What Is It?

African Americans are sick of being treated unfairly on our daily bus commutes. Why do we have to go out of our way to move for a white person? That is the reason for the boycott. We should all be given a fair chance at a bus seat.

Who Are the Leaders?

We have two main leaders of this boycott. The first one is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King is a pastor and a leader in the NAACP. Ms. Rosa Parks is our other leader. She is the secretary of the NAACP. Parks was arrested when she refused to move from her seat for a white person.

What Is Our Goal?

Through this boycott, we hope to achieve integration in the bussing systems. We want equal seating for all on a first come first serve basis.

Other Options?

You may be thinking, "How else will I get to where I need to go?" Well there are many other options other than the city bus. There are taxis, one could carpool, ride a bike, or simply walk. The possibilities are endless, and none of them are a bus.