POB 1:1 Digital Conversion Update

Week of September 28, 2015 ~ Volume 1 Issue 1

Resource Website

Be sure to bookmark our website that will house all of our 1:1 Technology Resources. The link to the website is http://bit.ly/pob1to1. Currently, the following is on the website:

  • All policy and procedure files such as: Technology Plan Template, Inventory Spreadsheet, Student Technology Form Return Spreadsheet, and much more.

  • Usage and troubleshooting tips for the Chromebooks

  • Information about the various Google Apps for Education

More information will be added weekly!

Student NC Ed Cloud Accounts

Students must claim their NC Ed Cloud accounts in order to access Canvas, Powerschool, Schoolnet, and other applications this school year by using the following instructions:

Please help us make sure that ALL students complete this process by taking a few moments out of your class period to allow students to claim their accounts. If students have any issues, please report the issue at the following link: http://bit.ly/pobreportanissue. Please contact Mrs. Ullah if you have any questions about this process.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mrs. Ullah, Technology Facilitator by leaving a comment below or by sending an email.