Dolce and Gabbana

By: Nia Briscoe and Ariel Canty

Personal statistics

Domenico and Stefano was both born in Italy. Dolce was born on September 13th 1958 did early design experience and gained experience in his families. Gabbana was born on November 14th 1962 where he studied graphic design and gained experience in fashion.

Famous for / Decade Influence

Dolce and Gabbana influenced the 90's and was famous for making "Stars look like stars"

Color, fabrics, silhouettes,style& accessories

Dolce and Gabbana describe their style as "sweet and sharp" and new millennium.

their accessories perceived as vintage.

patterns: Polka dots, lace, floral, animal


Dolce and gabbana won the wollmark and the best fragrance of the year award.

price range

Dolce and Gabbana price range from better to couture depends on what you look at.



ear wear


skin care


Scarlett Johansson Funny Sexy Commercial Dolce Gabbana The One Celebrity Commercial TV 2013