Shiloh Staff is the Best!

Giving a little (May) Shi-love to our Shiloh coworkers!

The following teachers have been recognized by their coworkers this month for going above and beyond!

Alex Raymond

She is very flexible and friendly. She does what is best for the students. Thanks for stepping in and testing Lowe's Lions during her absence. Just a great person to be around.

Valerie Dickey

Thanks for being a great RTI teacher to my students. They look forward to you being with them. They knew you believe in them and they worked very hard on the test. You are always, always trying to find fun innovative activities for the students. Your presence as a RTI teacher for these students will be greatly missed, but your new third graders are gaining a great teacher. Thanks for all you do.

Leadership Team

Thanks for all you do for this school. You rock!!!! Each grade level is fortunate to have you represent them.

Judy Olsen

- Judy is a jack of all trades AND a master as well! Thank you for all your hard work making Teacher Appreciation week a success! You are amazing!

- Judy goes above and beyond to help everyone. She is such a valuable person at Shiloh. We love her.

Jennifer Tolbert

Thanks for schlepping all the food, drinks etc. we need!

The Entire Shiloh Staff

I would like to thank the entire staff at Shiloh Elementary. There are so many people I could personally thank, but I'd be here all day. I am very grateful for the time I've spent here. Everyone has been so helpful and I've learned so much. I will miss you ALL!!
Lisa Burkes

Amy Cobia & Mike Gliebe

Thank you SO MUCH to all those who helped Mike & Amy paint the backdrops for our spring musical. And specifically, Mike & Amy have both helped me so much each year for something that isn't even in their job description. I really appreciate their tireless efforts after the school day is already over, particularly at the end of the year!

Also, thanks to Amy Cobia for volunteering her truck to move all of our sets this year! You rock!

Martina, Tom, & Dawn

Thank you for supporting the Field Day 3 Strike Policy. It really helped us to provide meaningful consequences to student behavior choices. It also helped to reward those who are always doing the right thing by allowing them to enjoy the full Field Day. We really appreciate this and might want to consider something similar next year!

Mike D'Agostino

Congrats to Mike on another FABULOUS Field Day! The kids had so much fun and it was evident in talking to them. A few asked where the inflatables were this year, and when it was explained to them that last year we got a special grant, they just replied, "Well, it's STILL fun without them!" Having the middle school Peer Leaders help us was amazing too, and many 5th graders expressed interest in being Peer Leaders next year so they can come back and help with Field Day. There was such a great parent turnout and a lot of positive feedback. We know you worked so hard to provide our kids with a fun-filled day as they end their school year. Know that your efforts are appreciated!

Sorayel Falling

Not a day goes by that Sorayel isn't scurrying around school helping our students and their families. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't see, but she works so hard for our kiddos, especially those with emotional challenges. Thank you for all the care and concern you give Shiloh families!

Elana diaz

Elana works so hard to help her students succeed in any way that she can! She is dedicated to them and tries her very best to create positive relationships with their parents. Thanks for all your hard work Elana!

Jan Gattis

Jan, your presence at Shiloh will surely be missed next year! Jan takes on so many roles in our school and helps whenever she can. Thanks for all of your years of dedication to the students and teachers at Shiloh! Enjoy your retirement!

Nicole DelBosque and Elizabeth Miskelly

Thanks again for "hosting" my friends during our Field Day.
It was so thoughtful for you to volunteer so quickly so I didn't
have to go begging. I really appreciate it!